Who has never dreamed of sharing a duet with a music star? Especially when her name is Jane Birkin. Flagship face of the music scene, the Franco-British artist, who died on July 16, 2023 at the age of 76, shared several titles with stars during her career. You think in particular of Serge Gainsbourg, Etienne Daho or even with Françoise Hardy.

But, for a young boy like 10-year-old Even, the story is hard to believe. A member of the Petits Chanteurs d’Asnières (the Poppys), his choir was invited with other groups to sing at a charity concert for the benefit of Unicef ​​and child victims of the war in Ukraine. It was on the stage of the Dôme de Paris that the children were invited to perform with famous artists: Anne Sila (The Voice All Stars), Garou, Bénabar, the group Hopen or even the winner of Eurovision Junior 2020 , Valentine.

As auditions take place to determine the soloists who will perform duets, Even reflects on this moment. “Thanks to the Petits Chanteurs d’Asnières, I had a casting. The number of candidates was limited,” he explains to Planet. If the schoolboy is not selected at the start, he has caught the attention of the casters. “My tone of voice had pleased, so I was put on a waiting list”.

But, on the same morning of the taping, good news for Even. He learns that he has been chosen to share a duet with Jane Birkin on her song Fleeing Happiness Lest He Run Away. “I had already met her with my choir on another show where we had sung with her”, admits Even before slipping in an anecdote. “I only had the day to learn the lyrics and the melody that I didn’t know. I started revising on the way…”.

With seriousness and professionalism, Even learns his song before shooting. And what was his surprise when he saw Jane Birkin backstage. “It was a great meeting.” A musical duo that moved his loved ones during rehearsals. “I know my mom shed her tears when she heard my first notes,” he told Planet.

© Stephanie Cariat

Additional pressure for Even who was the first to record his duet with Jane Birkin for the W9 show, hosted by Jérôme Anthony and Élodie Gossuin. “Before going on stage, she told me ‘don’t stress, relax, everything will be fine’. A musical encounter between the star and the young boy who enchanted the public and nearly 800,000 viewers in front of their screens. And, the famous artist was full of praise for her. “He didn’t even need advice,” she replied for him “with her little accent” in front of the hosts.

For the young fan, “Jane Birkin is a great artist in every way in my eyes”. A year after the charity concert aired, Even still has fond memories of their meeting. “Our duet will remain an unforgettable moment. I will never forget her kindness, her maternal side, her benevolence, but also the knowing looks exchanged during this duet”. An icon more intergenerational than ever!