TESTIMONY. I do all my shopping for the year on Black Friday


Like every year, November rhymes with Black Friday. This titanic commercial operation is carried out on the last weekend of the month, and is the perfect opportunity to prepare Christmas presents. According to an OpinionWay survey for Bonial*, no less than 28% of French consumers plan to make purchases on the occasion of Black Friday.

“However, 44% of French people will pass their way on this occasion. Between the uncertainties linked to inflation, the economic situation and the points of view of an ideological nature, it is clear that this commercial highlight still does not unanimity in France”, specifies the study.

For Carla, 30, it is impossible to miss this meeting. And for good reason: this is the time when she makes all of her purchases for the year… Or almost. For Planet, she tells how she organizes her year around Black Friday promotions, and what has changed for her purchasing power.

Carl. “I’ve always been a fan of Black Friday. One day, after spending a lot of money on one of these operations, I decided to take the opportunity to redo more than my wardrobe. I I drew up a schedule and I started saving 125 euros per month from December to November, to devote the tidy sum of 1500 euros to my Black Friday”.

Carl. “None. I buy absolutely all my Christmas gifts at this time of year, but I also plan all the birthday gifts for the coming year, the Valentine’s Day and wedding anniversary gift for my husband… It’s a very good way to save money, but you have to stick to a few rules for it to be really profitable: it’s not because there are big reductions that you have to give twice as many gifts! I stick to a budget of 50 euros maximum and only one gift per person. I am also thinking of future events that may require a gift: if I have a pregnant friend who is due to give birth this year , if I know that my brother is going to move soon and have a housewarming… I have about 700 euros in all, but it’s much cheaper than if I made the gifts as and when the year”.

Carl. “I’m also taking the opportunity to redo my summer wardrobe: with a hundred euros, and considering that it’s off-season, I’m doing really well. I always take advantage of Black Friday to buy me a good coat and a pair of winter shoes, which I would not be able to afford at any other time of the year. Finally, I also take advantage of the discounts to buy back bed linen , office equipment, batch laundry… And I’m also replenishing my stocks of make-up, hair and skincare products to spend as little as possible until the following Black Friday. my special Black Friday kitty. It doesn’t seem like much, but it saves me real money and I feel it throughout the year: I save better, I have more money to go out, to go in restaurants, traveling…”.

*The survey was carried out on a sample of 1036 people representative of the French population between November 2 and 3, 2022, according to the quota method with regard to the criteria of age and region of residence.