An electronics and very, very stressed for the future shapes the new 911 Carrera from Porsche. For the first time, the series 992 has been presented, it is the eighth Elfer-Generation since 1964, well over six weeks at the auto show in Los Angeles. While now the Zuffenhausen-based company is the main factory for the production of high, is clear: The technology with a higher camera-, computer – and Sensor-use changed, the once purist penalty in his character, in turn, is stronger: the car and driver are dependent on the brain from the Central computer.

Boris Schmidt

editor in the Department “technology and Motor”.

F. A. Z.

Wolfgang Peters

Freelance writer in the business.

F. A. Z.

Even the Design provides for a conservative-minded types, friends only weak consolation: the 911 look with the strong sidecut between the voluminous wheel arches is preserved. But the entire front fascia appears to be flat, almost barren, and the round-arched prow pushes a little too showy between the back taken off, the headlights to the front. No trace of the former lamp clarity and formal severity. The love for Geometry, only a hint remained. And this is compacted in the rear to the discovery of the bead: Back for the first time, mounted on wheels of a larger diameter than the front, and the 40 mm wider track swells the end of the 911 Carrera as never before: There are now 1.85 meters. Wherein the width of the butt is for the two initially solely offered versions of the binding: The Carrera S and the all-wheel-drive Carrera 4S are both the same width, so far, the rear-wheel-drive, 44 mm narrower, the front of the new Carrera is 45 millimeters wider. Deep under the curvy-chubby wheelhouse-shoulders sits tips the number plate between the two double. Porsche says: “The exterior Design is completely new, and underlines the Performance leap of the 911.”

seems to have solidified in the case of Performance-designers of Porsche the impression that the penalty had to be positioned against emerging competition sharper. Therefore, the new “Elfer-Performance” on the Suitability for the buff, rather ascetic type of driver.


a number of innovations that are still of value: to appreciate A completely new dashboard that is aligned more horizontally, there is more assistant to support the driver, for example for night vision. Even more important is the Wet mode, the all of the 911 is of course. By means of Sensors in the front wheel arches is detected, whether and how wet the road is, the vehicle is then, if the driver confirms the warning. In addition, Porsche Connect Plus now as standard, the penalty is always online, there is a new App with a simpler operation, the destination search will succeed a simple, and the voice input may be more intuitive.

a Lot of attention to Detail has been thought of in the 3.0-Liter engine with a larger, completely new and symmetrical turbochargers and electrically controlled Wastegate valves for the strengthening of the Boxer-virtues such as revving, performance readiness and efficiency. Within milliseconds, the force of the dampers to fit in the chassis, the penalty is to run, for example, on a cobbled quiet. For the European market, the exclusive use of a particle filter. Fuel consumption and performance remain the same, the boost pressure is in the European versions a little higher.