Tenants of hole tears in the Treasury of the SBB


Losses due to Corona – Tenant-hole tears in the Treasury of the SBBDie railway dispensed with around 50 million Swiss francs of rental income. This money would actually be destined for infrastructure and pension Fund of SBB. However, the pension Fund is even glad of it. Dominik Feusi0 comment is one of the largest property of the SBB is the Europe Allee in Zurich. Photo: Dominique Meienberg

The message burst in the midst of the Mietdebatte of the Commission for economic Affairs and taxation of the Council of States. The SBB shall adopt its business tenants, the rent if they had to close due to the shutdown of your business. Establishments were allowed to remain open, to receive the rent reductions, the amount of which depends on the decrease in sales.

the decision of The administrative Council, but it has consequences for the income. The SBB expect a slump in the rental income by a “mid double-digit million amount”, as SBB spokesman Reto Schärli confirmed. What is the mean for the overall result, it is not possible to say at this point in time.

Less money for the infrastructure?

The real estate division of SBB has taken in the past two years, from the rental to third parties of around 550 million francs. After the deduction of all costs according to business reports, each of 339 million francs left. Of this money, 150 million to SBB infrastructure and 178 million went to the pension Fund of SBB. It provides for the owner’s strategy of the Federal Council for SBB. Only ten million francs was retained by the SBB for themselves.

The Federal Railways in support of the maintenance of the tracks and stations and pay back two loans that you receive in the restructuring of the SBB pension Fund in 2007 and 2010 of the pension Fund and since then, bother welshing. A year ago, the debt of the SBB is fraud in pension Fund of 1.3 billion Swiss francs.

Whether these payments are also in this year, still possible, can not SBB spokesman Schärli say. Because in the last two years only ten million francs left, is not expected to be enough money available to transfer the infrastructure and the pension Fund the same amount of money as in the last few years. Because the infrastructure needs the money necessarily, expected to be received by the pension Fund, presumably, less money.

pension Fund benefited from a high interest rate

the SBB shall Adopt the rules of rent so at the expense of the pension Fund? Aroldo Cambi, staff representative on the Board of Trustees of the SBB pension Fund, is dismissive. Since the loans from the pension Fund of SBB with an interest rate of four percent, he’s almost glad when the SBB takes longer to pay back the debt. “So a good investment today is difficult to find,” says Cambi.

“want money from the Federal government and the revenue to adopt the SBB to be able to explain to anyone.”

Sandra should? Berger, national councillor SVP (BL)

So everything is in order Not quite. The policy pushes mad that the SBB on the one hand, the Federal government wants, in addition to the over two billion Swiss francs in subsidies because of the corona of crisis, even more money, and at the same time in the real estate division revenue forgone. Sandra is says Berger, Basel SVP national councillor and member of the financial Commission, this recall business, which produced on the one hand, dividends and, on the other hand, short-time working request, in order to get state support. “That may explain the SBB to anyone.”

“The SBB are moving forward with the renting Business model.”

Martin Candinas, Nationalrat CVP

Reto Schärli finds, however, that have nothing to do with each other: “the rental income of SBB real estate, and the other is the flat rate scheme regional passenger traffic.” In real estate, the SBB was on a commercially viable on-the-go, the regional traffic will be ordered and paid for by the Federal government and the cantons. Schärli receives support from CVP-Nationalrat Martin Candinas (GR). “The SBB needs the support for the movement of persons, it has in the Shutdown, despite taking no buses to maintain,” says Candinas, At the time of adoption of the annual rent prior to, however, is exemplary. “If all the landlords would go to the tenant, there would be no political settlement is needed,” says Candinas.

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