Wash hands in Idlib? No Chance


Wash hands in Idlib? No chance, doctors, and NGOs to warn of an uncontrolled spread of the Coronavirus, and tens of thousands dead in Syria.Tomas Avenarius, Istanbul violet, a local NGO, has trained 40 nurses and helpers. In the picture, a Volunteer for Violet disinfectant in Idlib sprayed. Photo: Yahya Nemah (EPA, Keystone)

The Syrian rebel stronghold of Idlib could be a center of Corona-crisis. The international community virtually ignored for about three million refugees living in the North-West of Syria under extremely confined and unsanitary conditions in Camps. The Coronavirus should be spread also there, threatening tens of thousands of Dead, said the representatives of the local self-government of Idlib, as well as Doctors and employees of non-governmental organizations.

The world health organization WHO said on Sunday that there is in Syria no single Corona-infection. This is likely to be due to the fact that in the civil war, the country so far almost not been tested. In the evening, it was reported by the Syrian government of the first Corona-Dead. But it came from abroad, said the Minister of health. The of the insurgent controlled territory to a possible mass spread of the Virus completely unprepared, said several Doctors in Idlib consistent. The existing medical infrastructure is abysmal.

The North-West of Syria is at risk because of the miserable living conditions of three million refugees, Displaced persons, and bombed-Out extremely. Syria’s health system is managed, after nine years of civil war down, this is especially true for the North, where the insurgents in Parts of the province of Idlib and in the countryside of Aleppo so far can keep.

Social distancing is impossible

live There, according to UN data, at least a third of the refugees in tents, on construction sites or in temporary mass accommodation, such as sports stadiums or community halls. Social distancing, on NGOs, and medical professionals refer to is in tents with up to twelve occupants impossible. Regular hands washing, or showers, given the lack of water is an Illusion.

As in the rebel-controlled part of Idlib, hundreds of thousands of people lived under such circumstances, you can expect a dramatic spread of the lung disease, said Abd al-Hakim Ramadan. The doctor is working in Idlib-health Department, an institution of self-government of the insurgents: “If it comes to a mass contagion, it is expected that with the death of more than 100’000 people, since there are no means of rapid proliferation to stop.” There is a lack of Test Kits, quarantine areas, ICU beds, ventilators, and medical staff. The New York Times reported, citing local Doctors, in Idlib, there were only 153 ventilators.

Test-Kits to be

Muhamed Firas al-Jundi, former health Minister in the rebel held area, wait said, there is complete ambiguity as to the status of a possible wave of Infection. You have sent three employees to the Turkish Ankara, in order to let you schools, now the Test Kits were missing. Awareness campaigns on Hygiene and Distance as well as this doctor described, in view of the conditions of life as pointless.

Violet, a local NGO, has trained 40 nurses and helpers. Violet has her employees Mamoun Kharbout, according to so far, but no Test equipment.

According to say that so far cases, is apart from the individual not been tested in Idlib. The WHO-promised Kits were coming. The WHO had declared to want to Tests. As an international Organisation, she had turned but first, to the government of Bashar al-Assad: The rebels ‘ territory is not a state, but under international law today part of Syria. The Regime, in turn, will have little interest to help the insurgents.

air strikes on hospitals

according to The WHO, were brought in the meantime, three samples for Testing in the neighboring Turkey continue to threaten, they were negative. The current ceasefire between the Regime and the rebels in Idlib is brittle. It is guaranteed by Russia and Turkey, Moscow supports Damascus, Ankara maintains to be the rebels. The ceasefire should not be broken, are likely to begin the devastating air attacks: Syrian and Russian Jets are bombing in the rebel territory targeting hospitals, too.

the Rest of Syria, destroyed in part, also, is likely to be at risk of Corona. The Assad government claims that they have the first 100 Tests were negative. The Regime has to fear the Virus yet. On the side of the Syrian army, Shia militias from Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Lebanon to fight. Iran is one of the most difficult of Coronavirus-infected countries, and the Pakistani authorities have stated that one of their infected citizens had returned from Syria home.

On Sunday, Syria stopped all international flights. At the same time Damascus is using the fear of the pandemic, to demand the lifting of sanctions imposed by the US and the EU. The allies carry the responsibility for the coming Corona-victims, because they are disabled with the sanctions, every effort to curb the pandemic, declared the Ministry of foreign Affairs.

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