Research under high pressure – The race to the vaccines provides NervositätDie search for a vaccine against Corona arouses the expectation of a speedy return to everyday life. But, in the meantime, it will take. Nevertheless, the tug of war for the vaccine has begun-we have patents already.Hanno Charisius, Rainer Stadler24 you Kommentare24Wird soon against Covid-19, you can vaccinate? In Rio de Janeiro, a woman is vaccinated during the corona crisis against the normal flu. Photo: Bruna Prado ()

How nervous the world is in this Phase, the Corona pandemic, the reactions to the news of an American biotech company, Monday. Da Moderna reported, with headquarters in Cambridge on the Eastern coast of the United States, the first test results of a vaccine against the new Coronavirus.

in Short, it looks as if the vaccine prototype for people tolerated and the body react to the injection with the production of antibodies. 45 people got so far, the Test vaccine. Whether the Moderna vaccine also protects against infection with Sars-CoV-2, white-currently no one. And yet, the small positive Signal, and exchanges enough in the world made joy hop; in Asia, Europe and the USA, the courses took off.

The hope for the vaccine nourishes the hope of a speedy return to everyday life – what is not only in stock exchanges like. “Only the vaccine is at the end of the solution to the problem,” said recently the President of the Paul-Ehrlich-Institut, Klaus Cichutek. The Institute is in Germany for the release of vaccines.

120 protective substances in development

However, the preliminary data from the United States are by no means promise that is to be expected from there, soon an effective and safe vaccine. The prototype has only met the minimum requirements at this point of the development: He has caused no serious side effects, and the body’s immune system has reacted.

Although it is not the message, the humanity is looking forward to, so it is also not a bad. Worldwide research-based pharmaceutical companies (Vfa), a developer of more than 120 protection materials, to prepare the immune system to the confrontation with the new Coronavirus work, according to the Association. Universities participating in the race as well as small companies and pharmaceutical giants. The Swiss company Alpha-O Peptides in Basel and Saiba Biotech, in collaboration with the Inselspital Bern and the University hospital of Zurich, but also the Serum and vaccination Institute Janssen Vaccines in Bern, Switzerland, is the part of the health care group Johnson & Johnson.

The American biotech company reported on Monday, the first test results of a vaccine against the new Coronavirus: Moderna, based in Cambridge, on the East coast of the United States.Photo: Bill Sikes (KEYSTONE, via AP Photo)

The Vfa expected that in the coming year, plenty of vaccines against Sars-CoV-2 are available, in order to protect the global scale of people in front of the exciter. Also the Paul-Ehrlich-Institute expects to have several products from different manufacturers. It was also necessary to meet the world’s needs.

active substance manufacturer in Switzerland

More than ten vaccines are already being tested in humans, or are soon to be the first test subjects administered. Some companies promise to can this year, vaccines to provide. So, too, Moderna, the vaccine is tested in clinical trials.

“We at Lonza to invest millions of dollars without knowing whether the vaccine will work.”

Albert Baehny , Lonza chief

Lonza, the Basel pharmaceutical supplier, has agreed with the US group, a 10-year-old cooperation, and thus became part of the U.S. Operation, “Warp Speed”. The Swiss group is entrusted with the production of the active ingredient. Lonza CEO Albert Baehny said in an Interview with this newspaper, “My focus with Lonza that we have as quickly and safely as possible, the capacity to produce successfully. The clinical phases 2 and 3 are still to come. You have to understand, we invest at Lonza million, without knowing whether the vaccine will work.” In addition, he hope to have results by the end of this year.

Some Chinese manufacturers, who test their vaccines already to people, also have optimistic schedules. However, many experts doubt that the security checks so much faster. Some of the Thousands of Volunteers need to be treated, to confirm safety and efficacy. Such studies extend normally over the years.

Now, the distribution start fights

Even if the vaccine development seems to be painfully slow progress, breaks you currently in the truth records. Never before have so many vaccine were developed-candidate in such a short period of time, and in the clinical trial brought. And before there is an approved vaccine, start fighting the Distribution. Each country fears that it would collect at the end of enough doses of the vaccine, which is why already now the tug of war begins by patents. In the Covid-19-task force of the Federal government have a Department that takes care of the questions regarding the vaccine exists – the access to such drugs.

Oxfam calls for a vaccine without a patent protection.

The Problem also the participants of the two-day annual meeting of the world health organization (WHO), which took place this year, only virtual employees. The Minister of health from blessed unanimously adopted a Resolution, which calls for cooperation in the development and distribution of medicines and vaccines. The development organization Oxfam, which does not go far enough. It calls for a vaccine without a patent protection that is to be manufactured in mass production and distributed fairly, so that all people around the world benefit from it.

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