is one of the first duties of a Skirennläufers after crossing the finish line to bring the Ski in Position so that the television cameras and photographers is no way to send as a brand in the world. So remember consciously and subconsciously, which boards are quick and victorious, and therefore desirable.

the house of youth know, that the Head wins constantly, but Volkl and Nordica, because the output of the ski and in the slats as the feel-good hit have proven to be. So it can run, but what happens to the world elite, has already.

As a accumulation of notice to the interested spectators this year. In the world Cup, the slalom, the driver and the driver inside a black-and-red Ski from the start little house peeks out often, regardless of what is the nationality of the Rennass. Rossignol Hero emblazoned on the boards, and if they are kept on the target slope into the picture, is to read: You can be a Hero, and it was only for a day. Yeah, who wants that?

The French is, apparently, managed to Ski, which many professionals will appreciate. Now no one should believe what anschnallten the racers, come to Otto normal heater under the feet. Race skis are even for experts hardly rideable. But there it is, the world Cup-inspired Hochgeschwindigkeitsski for every ambitious men and women, the Rossignol with Power and precision promoting.

In our recently published Skitest is the softer of the two offered variants was, of course, as surprisingly good-natured device, with its glass fibre-Titanal-design agile abschwingt the Piste and also together driven hill casual sweeps away. An everyday hero, like you see in the best of company.

The ratings we already have, fits it fine to the own abilities. Unfortunately, the series winner of the season, rushing through the gates, Mikaela Shiffrin and Marcel Hirscher, both on Atomic Redster G9. It is a cross, to want to be a Hero.