Actually, wrestlers are considered to be fearless fighters that have no fear of hard body contact. The more questionable the “fear of contact” of three athletes of the Hessian Association League master RWG Hanau/Erlensee, have now pulled out a long Lock for. The Russian brothers Junady and Naschawdy Bisulsanow, as well as the Bulgarian Sunjay Hamidow may 31. July is not on the Mat. This decision of the legal Committee of the Hessian wrestling Association (HRV) issued.

The three wrestlers had just before Christmas, in the team fight at the AC Goldbach caused a scandal because they wanted to not judge Ramona Scherer (Aschaffenburg, Germany). The three Muslims, who had to do it according to their own statements previously never been with a female Matt head, gave religious reasons for their behavior compared to the HRV Vice-President. Scherer, the need to perform as a judge in addition to the obligatory handshake, among other things, a finger nail inspection, and the Review of the back on Oil, disqualified the three wrestlers due to their non-contact-refusal. “Such a thing has never happened to me. This is really a pity,“ she said.

the top of the German wrestling Federation (DRB) can not explain the incident still. “This is a first for me. I was for many years as a judge on the world, but this is something I have never experienced,” said DRB President Manfred Werner SID: “women run for a long time fighting for men, but also of Muslims. In addition, the German wrestling is since decades a pioneer in the Integration of foreign athletes.“

the Chairman of The RC Erlensee knew that his wrestlers are “very religious”, the events before the 50 bewildered viewers left but Anton Albert at a loss. “I am very strong for the three of them. I couldn’t watch the second fight half in the hall and remained in the Foyer,“ said the club boss, whose club was already before the trip to Goldbach as a master. The HRV Committee on legal Affairs, explained his barrier against the wrestlers, after several years of living in Germany, among other things, “that there are no compelling theological reasons” for the behavior of the athletes.

The fight community has spoken against it. “The club of the accused RWG Hanau/Erlensee was surprised by the unexpected behavior of the accused athlete and disappointed,” it said in the HRV-rationale: “Especially in the two Clubs in the past, with a substantial volunteer effort, a successful integration work has been done and still is done.”