The sales receipt is soaring: for several months, all consumer products have been experiencing unprecedented inflation.

According to the IRI institute, inflation over one year has reached a vertiginous peak: it is estimated, for the month of July, at 6.71%.

In supermarkets, the categories of products whose price increased the most are:

The situation is critical for many households in France, who see their power diminish from week to week, and struggle to fill their shopping cart.

The burning subject is also at the heart of the concerns of the Borne government, which has piloted several bills aimed at helping the French in the face of inflation.

And on the industrial side, too, purchasing power is in everyone’s conversation.

To continue to attract consumers to their shelves despite soaring prices, most supermarkets have implemented a well-crafted strategy, with great promotions and special offers, to save them a few euros, or at least to create the illusion…

Because for some customers, this is not enough.

And above all, sometimes it is difficult to navigate between all the devices: discounts, vouchers, special prices, promotions limited in time…. The Capital media has thus gone around all the offers currently offered by supermarkets.

In our slideshow, discover what your supermarkets really offer to reduce the amount of your till receipt.