The month of September begins its second part… And launches the countdown for certain tax deadlines. According to Capital, we must not delay, this Thursday 09/15/2022 happens to be the deadline for payment of the tax on real estate wealth, when the means of payment is not dematerialized.

It is also the day of the ninth debit for all monthly taxes and for the third quarterly debit for the withholding tax on income without a collector.

In addition, a few days before autumn, 20/09/2022, will be the last due date for the payment of the balance of income tax and social security contributions on the internet, but not only. Real estate wealth tax is affected by this limit when it must be paid on the internet.

These last acquittals will be officially collected by the public finance department on September 26. Then, if the amount still to be paid is greater than 300 euros, it will be processed over four installments, from September 26 to December 26, 2022. Below this value, it is deducted in one go by the public administration.

Last day of the month, Friday September 30, should be given special attention. Because it is also the final moment to subscribe to the levy on the due date of property taxes. This acquittal will take place on October 25.

If you have not given a contrary opinion, your contract will be renewed for your property tax… If a change must be made, it must be taken care of before this date.