Alpine skiing in Val Gardena: a Heavy fall of the skier Gisin


    Andreas Sander “heart stopped” when he flies Marc Gisin helplessly through the air and motionless in the snow saw. “You don’t want to see,” said he, in the face of those fearsome scenes, marked on Saturday the downhill on the Saslong in Val Gardena. Gisin, a 30-year-old Swiss was brought down with the start number 18 hard, his team-mate Beat Feuz turned away in horror, the Norwegian Aleksander Aamodt Kilde, the earlier a notice was managed values to Victory, hit the Hand in front of his face.

    “is There a cold in the back,” said Sander, who took on the tradition-steeped track rank 19 rich, behind Josef Ferstl at rank twelve and just ahead of the surprisingly fast Manuel Schmid (20.) and Dominik Schwaiger (21.). Gisin was flown by helicopter to the hospital of Bolzano.

    On the night of the Swiss ski Federation said that the state Gisins was so stable that he could still flown on Saturday to further studies in Switzerland. The exact diagnosis of his injury would be expected for Sunday. According to the Swiss newspaper Blick is broken Gisin four Ribs, a concussion and an injury in the pelvic area have moved.

    Macabre punch line: Gisin, yet in the world Cup three times among the first Ten placed, had been overthrown explained in a on Saturday morning in the Neue Zürcher Zeitung published a column still, how it feels, hard to come by. He was involved in an accident often, the worst of 2015 in the Super-G on the Streif in Kitzbühel. Falls, wrote Gisin, belonged to the “occupational risk”, “as a professional athlete, you have to go again and again to its limits, in order to make progress, and limits, which are shown in our case, partly also due to falls.”

    On Saturday on the Saslong it took Gisin, shortly before the legendary camel humps to the right Ski, both Skis were on top of each other, he lifted and hit with the head and neck on the icy slopes. The race was interrupted for 30 minutes, which turned out to be first of all as a disadvantage for the racers immediately thereafter. Wind came out and saw the two favourites Aksel Lund Svindal (Norway), the pilots could not measure up to the leading trio Kilde, Max Franz (Austria/+0.86 seconds) and Feuz (+0,92), or Josef Ferstl.