Deadlines not to be missed. With the arrival of 2023 there are also tax levies with regard to your various taxes and in particular that on income. As every year, a new income tax scale has been included in the Finance Act for 2023 and is valued at 5.4%. Some taxpayers will therefore pay less tax in the coming months, according to the new installments here.

Some French people have opted for the monthly payment of some of their taxes. As the tax site explains, “you pay in ten monthly direct debits, from January to October” and “each direct debit corresponds to one tenth of the tax due the previous year”. Please note that membership is only possible for two local taxes:

What are the advantages of paying these two taxes monthly? For the tax authorities, there are three of them:

To be able to join, you just need to have a tax number, a tax notice reference and a bank account domiciled in France or Monaco. For the French who have chosen this option, ten dates are therefore to be retained in 2023, according to a provisional calendar revealed by the Administrative Procedures site. Here it is.