Before starting to build icebreakers, the Davie shipyard, inaugurated in 1832, will be entitled to a major facelift of 840 million.

As the construction site is located on the outskirts of a residential area, it is necessary to have an idea if changes are needed in the area. “There’s going to be stock going in there [Davie’s],” Lehouillier said. Will it require modifications at some intersections? What traffic lanes will be used? Will it take hours spent on transportation? How is this all going to pan out? »

EBM Laser is not the only Davie shipyard subcontractor to want to get closer to its client. Listening to the mayor of the municipality, others also seem to be in this situation. Lévis wants to help this kind of business. “We are completing the inventory of what we could look for interesting places near Davie’s house, said the mayor. Of course, we will not force anyone to sell, but we are watching. Suppliers are what create a lot of added value. »

“Currently, we have 5,100 places of business and it was 4,600 a year ago, proudly launches Mr. Lehouillier. As soon as you open an industrial street, it’s sold. We are going to need land to be serviced. This trend is likely to continue thanks to the benefits anticipated at Chantier Davie. The mayor of Lévis claims that the City has just granted itself a “first buyer” right when, for example, a company decides to put itself up for sale. “We want to do redevelopment in our existing industrial parks. We will evaluate our regulations. Can we go up [build] higher? According to the Ville de Lévis website, there are currently ten industrial and technological parks on its territory.

With an expected increase in the workforce at Davie and its suppliers, expect to welcome newcomers, says Mr. Lehouillier. The challenge will be to house them. “We drive 3,200 housing units a year,” he explains. Housing stock fell from 3% to 1%. This sector [shipbuilding] will become so important that it is no longer the business of Lévis. It is a regional affair. We want to make a presentation to the Regional Table of Municipal Elected Officials of Chaudière-Appalaches. We want to tell them “look at the potential”. »