Tax season is about to begin. On Thursday April 13, 2023, it will be time for all French taxpayers to declare their 2022 income. To do this, simply go to the tax platform, armed with your tax number, which acts as an identifier, and of your password. The declaration being automatic, all you have to do is bring your payslips or your retirement pension statements to make sure that no error has slipped inside.

Note: people who do not have internet in their main residence, or who are not able to file their tax return online, can still opt for the paper tax return. This year again, several nuances are to be known in order to complete your tax return in the rules of the art… Discover five tips in our slideshow below.

The scale, made up of several income brackets, is used to calculate your tax. “To apply the tax scale to your taxable income, you must take into account the family quotient, that is to say your number of shares, which depends on your situation and the number of people in your tax household” , specifies the official website of the public service. Here is the scale for 1 share of family quotient:

“If your tax household includes several people, the tax calculation takes this into account to set your number of shares. This is the family quotient. This mechanism has an impact on the amount of your tax. It notably reduces the tax burden for families with children,” the utility added.