In the town of Antwerp should be fact, there are plans to make sure that the streets are clean and when lying down. Additional toezichters and mobile cameras will be deployed in the fight against fly tipping.

The city of Antwerp to recruit forty men for the service Stadstoezicht. They are going to have to work in small, defined areas, or hot spots, in order to be extra vigilant to sluikstorters. It can be anything from a building, a portion of a street or a few streets away from where overlastproblemen it. “The purpose of this hotspotmethodiek to increase the visibility of the stadstoezichters to increase,” says Fons Duchateau (N-VA), alderman of the City, and Buurtonderhoud. “This is bewustmakend and discourage. The increase in the probability of detection and punishment will follow.”