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A crowd waiting for the Dutch release of Josylvio in the Media at The Zoo Wednesday afternoon, out of hand. The police had to arrive on the scene, and the store closed early, and the doors to the public.

in The Netherlands by Dutch Josylvio (27) and arrived Wednesday afternoon at the 16-hour book signing at the location of the multimediaketen Media at The Zoo in Antwerp, belgium. The autograph session got out of hand, as is apparent from the video that one of the readers of the newspaper Gazet van Antwerpen is made at the time. Click the images to see how the stuff in the store, to be rolled out by several young people. Afterwards, continue to the shelves half empty after the floor is strewn with toys.

“There were some four-hundred people for the book signing went down,” says Janick, The Sceneries of the Media. “Everything was ready and well-prepared as we are that hundreds of times over the years, our stores do this. It was originally, I think I prefer it with no problems, until a couple of amokmakers showed up.” That started, according to the Media, to throw chips, and pushing and pulling.

Release of Josylvio Picture: “rr”

Store is closed

The situation was threatening to go off the rails and the Media, the police on the spot to recall it. “Our presence is the calm to return,” said spokesman William Migom of the police force in Antwerp. “We have no management to maintain.”

The police have advised Media at the doors to the rest of the day. “We have worked with the police and decided to shop for safety,” says The Sceneries.

According to witnesses, in the chaos and also the variety of PlayStation games stolen. “We’ll see if there’s something to be stolen, says The Sceneries.

well-Known rapper.

the Release of Josylvio responded on social media, meanwhile, is also on the chaos at his book signing. “It was quite a mess, which was a shame,” he said on Instagram. “I had to go to the bottom to get the signatures of the parts in the picture. I have this as well for Trails.

The name of the release on the public at large may not ring a bell, but to his mostly young fans on social media, he is very popular, with close to 600,000 followers on Instagram. The Dutch newspaper NRC handelsblad called him in for a review recently as ” one of the most productive and popular Dutch artists of the moment.” He has worked together with the well-known(re -) names, as well as a Thief, Ali B, Frenna, Kraantje Pappie and Sevn Alias.

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