The moment is all found for the bandits. The (many) scammers who might be tempted to attack your wallet are indeed taking advantage of the 2021 tax declaration campaign to pose as the tax authorities. With one goal in mind: recover personal data – and potentially access to bank accounts! – of their victims. The modus operandi, notes Capital, is not particularly inventive. It is simply a question of usurping the identity of the tax teams and luring the customer to a most attractive offer.

The scammers, who do not fail to mention the site impots.gouv in their email, indeed promise a refund after an excessive payment.

This first point should already put you on the alert: taxes have not yet claimed their due, since the declaration campaign only concerns income received in 2021. Any deduction or reimbursement will occur later and will be announced when the tax notice is received. The latter is not expected before August 2022. Besides, there is another problem…

The only email address of the sender should also alert you. Never lose sight of the fact that the tax administration addresses taxpayers through their personal space on the official platform –

If in doubt, do not click on the links that you may receive directly in your mailbox. Do not respond to emails, click on links, or provide sensitive information in response to email or over the phone. Keep this kind of conversation to your secure space.