The countdown begins. On March 1, 2023, the Toujust brand will open its first supermarket in the town of Alès, in the Gard. This new store intends to bring a touch of freshness to the distribution industry. His credo, to offer “quality products, which are manufactured, as much as possible, in France and above all we want to be 5 to 10% cheaper than the supermarkets downstairs from your home”, indicated the founder of the company, Fabrice Gerber.

As far as deployment is concerned, the brand is also thinking big since it plans to open 50 stores over the whole of 2023 and 310, eventually, in 2027, reveals retail specialist Olivier Dauvers. For now, the locations and opening dates of the first 10 supermarkets have been announced. But this only concerns six regions:

For the other regions, nothing is less certain for the moment. “I really appreciate the Bretons, the Alsatians and the Corsicans, but for logistical reasons, I do not have the means today to go to these regions.”, revealed Fabrice Gerber, before confirming, “for the moment, therefore, I will not be settling in Alsace, Brittany and Corsica.”

For Ile-de-France residents, the situation seems less tense and, if an opening is not planned for the moment, nothing is excluded. “As far as the Ile-de-France region is concerned, we will be at the end of 2023 or the beginning of 2024 for possible projects. We are thinking about it.”, he concluded.