Bronze medals, a world record lost: chest swimmer Marco Koch swayed by the 200-meters final at the short track world Cup between frustration and joy. “With a medal you have to be satisfied,” said the world champion and world record holder dethroned Frankfurter: “But it was not such a good race.”

cook was angry about the “ten, 15 inches”, which would have been lacking for a perfect attack at every turn. “Because you let a lot of time,” said the double world champion by 2016, two days before the 100-Meter final as a 13. still missed. The Russian champion Kirill Prigoda (2:00,16) broke his old world record, was cooking less, “The time is strong, but nothing that I can’t. Maybe not today, but soon.“

cooking hinted at least that he is with a view to the long-track world Cup 2019 in South Korea, and the 2020 Olympic games in Tokyo on the right path. After the missed qualification for the European Championships last summer, Koch, of Darmstadt was changed to Frankfurt, where he works on the training plans of national coach Henning Lambertz and, above all, physical deficits to catch up. The water training has been deliberately neglected, therefore, Lambertz said: “Marco has swam a fantastic race.”

from the German point of view so far best day of the competition other DSV-athletes missed the podium only just. European championship second Sarah Koehler swam the 800 Meter free-style in a German record time (8:10,54) fifth, to the bronze rank of the maid, she lacked 1.79 seconds. “Very happy I’m not because of the missed medal,” said the 24-Year-old: “I had the feeling that I have so much pressure could not front of some.”