Linky meter: an association proposes a “standard” letter to be sent to refuse its installation


He continues to talk about him. The Linky electricity meter, deployed massively on French territory since 2015 by the company Enedis, continues to fuel controversy.

Several users have protested against the possible dangers that the green box would present for health, and are worried about a system that could hinder their freedoms and respect for their privacy. Many “anti-Linky” associations have thus flourished over the years to claim the right of consumers to refuse the installation of the device.

It must be said that Enedis’ strategy is clear: the supplier seeks to equip all households in France, in order to harmonize the processing of their data.

The “smart meter” model has even inspired other companies, particularly in the water sector: Véolia and Suez have thus developed a “Water Linky”, already present in several municipalities.

In Parthenay, in Deux-Sèvres, the Gâtine Environnement association was recently alerted by several citizens of a new meter installation project.

“Our association was contacted by citizens last October and informed about the installation of Linky in Gâtine”, writes the organization in a press release sent to the Courrier de l’Ouest.

To support those who refuse its deployment at home, Gâtine Environnement has therefore drafted a “standard letter”, which users can send to their energy supplier as of now.

The mail is “usable by all citizens who wish to let Geredis know that they do not want the Linky meter installed in their homes”, insists the association.

Here is the model to copy:

Sir/Madam, you inform us of the intention of X (name of your supplier and department) to change our electricity meter. However, our current electricity meter and subscription suit us perfectly.

In addition, the case law does not impose the installation of a new meter of which we do not approve, moreover, neither the installation expense nor the operation and its proven disadvantages. Consequently, we refuse the installation of the Linky meter and will not respond to requests for appointments from your operator.

For people whose meter is accessible outside: We refuse that our meter accessible directly on the outside wall of our property be replaced without our agreement.