Since the beginning of this year 2023, gasoline prices have continued to rise. According to Le Figaro, over the year, the E10 increased by 2.5%, the SP-95 by 2.5% and the SP-98 by 2.1%. Increases that are felt in the daily household budget.

This week of June 12, 2023, gasoline and diesel prices have increased slightly compared to last week, according to calculations by Fig Data, carried out via public data from the Ministry of Energy Transition. Thus, the SP-98 gained less than a cent and is now at 1.9398 euros per litre. The SP-95, with an increase of 0.2 cents, is at 1.8953 euros. The E10 reaches 1.8583 euros. For its part, diesel is at the same price as last week and is at 1.7023 euros.

In this context, the government has set up a “fuel allowance” in order to limit the effects of rising fuel costs and allow the French to preserve their purchasing power. According to economie.gouv, this allowance of 100 euros was intended for the 10 million most modest workers who use their vehicle (car or two-wheeler) to go to work.

However, this aid had to be requested before March 2023. If you were unable to request it or were not eligible, it is still possible to save money from this Friday, June 16 and until to Saturday June 17, 2023. Indeed, the government had asked the retail giants to make a gesture for drivers and the Casino supermarket chain answered the call. What is the Casino offer?

According to Auto Plus magazine, the Casino brand will launch a new “fuel at 1 euro” operation this weekend. This is not the first time that the distributor has offered this type of operation since the prices of gasoline and diesel have increased. Valid on both petrol and diesel, the Casino offer consists of refueling at a distributor’s petrol station, paying the price indicated and receiving a voucher for a value equivalent to the difference between the amount paid at the station and the liter at 1 euro. What are the conditions to qualify for this discount?

In order to benefit from the “fuel at 1 euro” operation, certain conditions must be met. First of all, the amount of the voucher cannot exceed 50 euros. Then, you will be required to spend at least 120 euros in Casino stores for it to be accepted at the cash desk. Finally, the voucher must be presented in the Casino store (and not a copy or a photo) before June 18, 2023 at 12:30 p.m. To take full advantage of the “fuel at 1 euro” operation, remember to fill up before doing your shopping this weekend.