As a private sector employee, you can claim a supplementary pension. In order to obtain it, you make a contribution to Agirc-Arrco, which works thanks to a points system. The contributions paid are then converted into retirement points, which are, when you stop working, transformed into a supplementary pension. It is therefore possible to combine your basic retirement pension, paid by the Social Security retirement insurance, as well as this Agirc-Arrco pension. If a minimum number of points is required, what are the consequences of a contribution of less than 100 points?

Supplementary employee pension contributions, deducted from your gross salary, as well as employer contributions, allow you to acquire retirement points throughout your career. There are two contribution brackets: the first is set at 43,992 euros for a rate of 7.87% while the second is between 43,992 and 351,936 euros for a rate of 21.59%. These contributions are 60% paid for by your employer and your pension points are calculated according to the following formula: (Remuneration x point calculation rate) / purchase price of the pension point.

To find out the amount of your supplementary pension, you must take into account the service value of the point of the Agirc-Arrco scheme, i.e. 1.3498 euro. This amount is multiplied by the number of retirement points accumulated throughout your career. For example, if you have obtained 3,500 points during your career, your pension will be calculated this way: 3,500 x 1.3498 = 4,724.30 euros. The supplementary retirement pension is paid to you once a month. However, there are special cases. If your number of points is between 101 and 200, it is paid annually. If this figure is less than or equal to 100, your supplementary retirement pension will be paid to you only once.