Tax on super-profits obliges, Total has decided to review some of its commitments. The oil group, which has just implemented a substantial discount – 20 cents in savings per liter of fuel purchased – is now threatening to backtrack, observes Capital on its site. Any vote in favor of the project carried by the Nupes and the UN (which therefore consists in applying a tax to companies which today take advantage of inflation to enrich themselves) could lead to the end of the system. “The contribution in 2023 will depend on the level of taxation that you will all decide”, declared the CEO of the group before the parliamentarians.

Whatever happens, it is also important to remember that the protection mechanisms put in place by the government are not intended to last forever. The rebate of 30 cents practiced by the government will gradually decrease – it will drop to 10 cents from November 1, 2022 – before ending on December 31 of the current year, recalls TF1. Therefore, it is essential to start thinking about the best ways to save fuel, so as not to face a (too) bad surprise, here are some tips.

Nothing better, in this case, than learning how to save gas. At the pump, but also once in the passenger compartment or when servicing the vehicle. So start with: