Louvain –

A month ago I asked for unief, university of applied sciences and the city administration in Leuven in belgium, no advertising, and more, to make up for the alcohol. It doesn’t help, as it turns out, at the start of the academic year.

Ladderzatte students. The city of Louvain, there has, in recent years, more and more problems than she has. It was the ships of the Students Thomas Van Oppens (Green) – this summer, on the initiative of the university, and the university of UCLL around the table to sit down to make a plan of action. It was decided in the first instance a letter will be sent to all the fakbars (bars faculteitskringen), supermarkets, shops, restaurants and cafés in the city. An appeal does not serve alcoholic drinks, and more-to promote it among the students.

Much like the letter has not been made, or so it seems. At the start of the new academic year, visitors are attracted by the fakbars still a student with a ‘ good offer’for beers and cocktails.

“indeed, it was not the intention,” say both ships are Of the Oppens as the president of the university of Leuven. “On the other hand, we did not expect it to be a problem in one month’s time to resolve, it would have been. But, as everyone knows by now that we’re working on it, and that will continue to work on it.”

The problem is, according to the initiators of the project are greater than the fakbars only. Also, the supermarkets and the shops and pick up a piece of the action from the start of the academic year, and will have to take responsibility. For example, there are a number of stores, beer, wine and liquor advertising, and the students are even welcome to be called.

New conversation

you can Now see the fakbars not answer the call, go to the various parties to get back round the table to sit down. That said, Bart Sahuc, school facilities, and communications from the university UCLL. “During an interview with a student, we had the feeling that they have ears and had to have our concerns and that they are efforts to want to help.”

“It is a necessity. Because of cheap alcohol and provide it leads to more drinking. That has been proven to be. As we know, die-hard addictions, such as alcohol abuse, often occur in the college years,” says VAD, the Flemish center of expertise for alcohol and other drugs.

In the evaluation, training of students of psychology and industrial engineering took Stella and Sunday, 1 and a Desperados at 1.50 euro to the deposit of the banks are gin and vodka-orange in a promotion. Two drinks for € 1, 5 for € 2.

“having a beer, it’s still in the life as a student. If you do that would be to prohibit the fakbars tomorrow’s close,” said Thomas Van Laeken on deposit Recup.

“There’s no way to make that long-standing tradition should be prohibited. We would like to set limits,” says the vessels Of the Oppens. As to what those boundaries are, or have been, it is still not out of the woods.

Free beer

“She can’t be blamed that we do not make efforts to do so,” says Thomas Van Laeken is still. “We will organise meetings with non-alcoholic beer and cocktails, non-alcoholic beverages. And we are working to promote soft drinks, and make sure that non-alcoholic drinks are cheaper than alcoholic drinks. And there’s always the free water.”

But the stores will be affected. Because the police and stewards are becoming more and more concerned about the trend of “drinking”. The students are pouring themselves on the side of first time, full of spirits, and to draw the city. “We need to get young people to protect them from themselves”, said a spokesperson from the catholic university of Leuven, belgium.

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