More practical and less restrictive, home deliveries are advantageous for its customers. Say goodbye to trips and long queues at the checkout… These save time.

The giant Amazon has diversified the content of its deliveries by offering supermarket products according to the Pleine Vie media. However, it does not have a monopoly in this area.

This service is now offered by many large retailers, in exchange for a few euros. Nevertheless, everyone goes with their more or less favorable price for the consumer…

To determine which store offers the best service, Planet has produced the slideshow below which presents the ranking of home delivery services, according to the Pleine Vie media.

This model is so popular that for some time now a new kind of store has taken shape. These are the “dark stores”, indicates FranceInfo. Translated from English as “dark shops”, these are warehouses which, often located in the heart of the city, serve as a depot for ultra-fast delivery groups, such as Uber or Deliveroo. All possible products are then available with just a few clicks.

Closed to the general public, only delivery people have access. The only problem: these stores are a source of tension in the big cities. The reason why they bother? Nuisance to local residents and competition from local shops that are losing all their appeal. In addition, the executive must therefore still legislate on this new mode of consumption.