It’s a big day for Line Renaud. At 94, the actress was again honored this Friday, September 2 with a prestigious distinction. According to information revealed by RTL, the actress, singer and former magazine leader was officially decorated with the Grand Cross of the Legion of Honor on Friday September 2, during a ceremony organized at the Élysée. The one who received a standing ovation on August 23 for the preview of the film “A Beautiful Race” with Dany Boon, broadcast during the 15th edition of the Angoulême Francophone Film Festival, sees here reward not only her immense career, but above all his lifelong commitment to the fight against AIDS.

Co-founder and current vice-president of Sidaction, she has been committed to the fight against the disease for more than 35 years. “Without Line, Sidaction would not exist and many research programs could not have been carried out,” says Françoise Barré-Sinoussi, president of Sidaction, to the Parisian. For the one who received the Nobel Prize for the discovery of HIV, Line Renaud “is engaged in a fight for life which corresponds to her personality full of humanity and generosity”.

“She saw what patients were going through in the 1980s. For her, who cannot stand injustice, it was natural to get involved,” she concludes. At the end of 1985, already at the Paradis Latin, Line Renaud organized the first gala for the Association of Artists Against AIDS that she had just created. “One thing led to another, it became my raison d’être, confides the artist. I think it was meant for me, I’m a diehard and I love people,” the artist told Le Parisien.

It’s no secret that Line Renaud confirmed her committed character recently by wishing to put her notoriety to the benefit of the right to die with dignity. “Having lived free and dignified, I cannot imagine dying in chains, under duress. If our life belongs to us, it must absolutely be the same for our death”, assured Line Renaud in the hemicycle. The actress had thus asked the deputies to vote as soon as possible a law for the right to euthanasia.

Because Line Renaud herself accompanied two of her relatives in death, she does not envisage that we cannot choose her end of life. As a reminder, on the side of her private life, she accompanied her husband Loulou Gasté, who died in 1995 from bone cancer, but also her mother who died shortly after. The right to die with dignity is for her “capital, because it affects our most precious asset, our freedom”.

“Our ultimate and sovereign freedom. That of dying with dignity,” said the 93-year-old singer. “Think about our dignity and make sure that our freedom remains complete, until the last breath, please vote for this text as soon as possible”, she had concluded in front of the deputies about the bill concerning the right to “a free and chosen end of life” filed in November 2017.