Will the energy check be increased by the end of the year? In a letter addressed to Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne, PS senator from Moselle Jean-Marc Todeschini asked that the energy check be modulated according to the region, indicates France Bleu.

More specifically, he would like the average temperatures of each department of France, over the four coldest months of the year, to be taken into account in the calculation. “I think it’s something sensible” he says at the microphone of the same media quoted above.

Thus, the sum could potentially be increased “for the inhabitants of the departments with the coldest average temperatures”. Why did he make this request? He sees it as a social justice issue.

12 million households should receive this state aid to cope with soaring gas and electricity prices. With a height of 100 to 200€, it would greatly help French women and men whose incomes are modest.

However, “giving the same help to a household in Metz or Nice, with an average winter temperature difference of 10°C is not fair,” he said in his letter, available on Twitter. “When we really want to help, we take into account the reality on the ground,” he explains to France Bleu.

Thus, some departments could see the exceptional energy check increase if the Prime Minister decides to adopt modulation. Would you be affected by the measure? To find out, Planet has produced the slideshow below which lists the potential departments affected by the decision, according to the senator.