Will your summer be filled with exciting adventures? Are you going to live a new love story at the beach? Will your finances make it through the holidays?

If you ask yourself these questions, your horoscope can guide you. Indeed, the stars can tell us a lot about our personality, and our mood at this or that time of the year. It’s all about placement and influence.

Of course, nothing is fixed, and astrology is above all a science of interpretation. But it can satisfy your curiosity and help you make the right choices, or understand your states of mind.

The symbolism of the Zodiac has been used for millennia, and is now part of our daily lives, whether we refer to it religiously, or whether we are more skeptical of its predictions.

The Zodiac is the area in which the planets of the solar system move around the Earth. The 12 constellations it contains give you your astrological sign, because it is the place where the sun was located when you were born.*

There are thus 12 signs, for 12 months, divided into four elements:

Each sign of the Zodiac has its own characteristics… and its own calendar!

According to Marc Angel, astrologer at Femme Actuelle, summer will be more profitable for some signs than for others. For him, the natives of Gemini, Leo and Pisces will be the luckiest in July 2022. On the program: partying, flirting and serial adventures!

Conversely, the specialist notes that Taurus, Cancer and Capricorn are likely to have a more complicated month of July. Financial worries and a need for solitude could be the order of the day for these signs.

On the heart side, single Aquarius could finally find the shoe that suits them, while Gemini should make interesting encounters.

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** according to forecasts by Marc Angel for Femme Actuelle and Suzie Gentile for Midi Libre.