Nearly one in two French people (49%) believe they have been the victim of infidelity at least once in their life, according to the Gleeden Observatory of Infidelity published by Ifop in 2013. Among them, 53% of women against 45% of men. If everyone experiences betrayal in their own way, adultery can be a source of trauma for many people, or, at least, of a fear of commitment and a lack of trust in the other in future relationships. . So much so that some would do anything to ensure that their partner is loyal to them, even if it means hiring a detective. Alexis Fradois, private investigator and founder of the AFIP detective agency, estimates that he receives 10 to 20 requests each month for suspicion of infidelity.

“My job is to carry out physical surveillance on the suspected person. I leave from a place of departure which can be the home or the place of work and I follow the person until he returns home or until she does not go to another person. The photographs are taken only on the public highway. In all private places, I can only see things and report the elements in my investigation report, “says the professional.

Moreover, out of the question for Alexis Fradois to follow anyone: the private detective only intervenes for married couples, civil partnerships or cohabitation. In addition, no element of the investigation will be revealed if the couple is not married: “It will be possible to carry out surveillance but no element will be transmitted apart from a positive or negative response to suspicions of infidelity”, we he specifies. Do you also have suspicions about the fidelity of your partner? To help you see more clearly, find five signs that may suggest that your companion will see elsewhere in our slideshow below.

Naturally, the concept of infidelity is unique to each couple: if the betrayal begins in the bedroom for some, it is already well established in the time of flirting and hiding for others.

Thus, 88% of those questioned consider that having regular sexual relations with another person is infidelity, against 85% for exceptional sexual relations.

Oral sex, for its part, is considered a felony for 84% of respondents. Kisses are a betrayal for 62% of respondents.

With regard to sentimental dishonesty, 57% of French people consider that exchanging naughty messages is a form of adultery, compared to 45% for games of seduction and 41% for making love with one’s partner while thinking to a third person.