In the United States die and more women during pregnancy and childbirth than in any other country with a high income. According to a study by the Foundation, the Commonwealth Fund 14 out of 100,000 Americans were in the year 2016, an average of the inside before or during childbirth died. In Sweden, the country with the lowest number of “maternal deaths”, died only four out of 100,000 women. For Germany, the now published study, there were about six out of 100,000 women who did not survive the months before the birth or the birth.

In the evaluation of the data of the children’s Fund, the United Nations and the organization for economic cooperation and development, stated the Foundation, based in New York that more than every third American from financial reasons, not in case of sickness on visits to the doctor. For none of the other countries examined, Australia, Canada, France, the Netherlands, new Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, England and Germany, the authors were able to demonstrate a similarly high number. “When it comes to affordable health insurance and health care, Americans are at a disadvantage in comparison to women in other countries,” said Sara Collins, co-author of the study. to guarantee

in order To provide better medical care for women, called Collins, the insurance coverage for checkups and prenatal care. Besides the lack of prenatal care, the Commonwealth Fund, also referred to as chronic diseases. Almost every fifth of the surveyed Americans were inside suffering from at least two diseases, such as Diabetes, hypertension or Obesity. In Australia, Germany and the Netherlands was diagnosed in only every tenth woman a chronic disease.