the President of France Emmanuel Macron has called on the citizens of his country after the mass protests of the “yellow vests” for the unity. Needed a return to be “on the cohesion and efforts of each individual,” said Macron on Monday in his new year’s address. “We can do better and we must do better.”

he wanted to, despite the ongoing protests of the “yellow West” its policy of reform and bustle of the new year. Macron announced, among other things, the implementation of the plans, to unemployment insurance, the civil service, and pensions. However, he agreed with the population also to cuts. “In the past few years, we have ignored the reality simply,” the President said. “We can’t work less and earn more, cut taxes and spending increase, is nothing to our habits change and at the same time, a purer air to breathe.”

show the anger of The “yellow West” that “we have not resigned,” said the President with a view to the for weeks, ongoing protests. At the same time, he condemned the violence in the demonstrations. Some would give, to speak in the name of the people and are only “the voice of a hate-filled crowd,” said Macron.

the Country of 150,000 police officers in the use of which alone, 12,000 in Paris. Nearly 20 months after taking office, the popularity of France’s latest President is at a low ebb. In December, only 24 percent said the newspaper “Journal du Dimanche”, for Macron – in the previous year it was 47 percent. For weeks, the “yellow West demonstrate” against the reform policy. Also on Monday, thousands of “yellow West”protesters in Paris and other cities went on the road.

the movement of The “yellow West” had been directed originally against high fuel prices and the planned Eco-tax on Diesel. Later, a General displeasure with Macrons reform policy, and the decline to interfere in the Protest at the end of purchasing power. The multi-billion dollar concessions from the government, providing for, among other things, more money for minimum wage earners and relief for pensioners and workers who reject the protesters as inadequate. Many are calling for further tax cuts, referenda after the Swiss model, as well as the resignation of Macrons.