Bacteria, poor labeling, presence of a foreign body… There are many reasons that can lead a distributor to recall a product from the store. Since its creation in the spring of 2021, the RappelConso site has published millions of product withdrawals, voluntary or imposed by prefectural decree. The objective of the platform? Make the list of products unfit for consumption more accessible to customers.

Among the most striking recalls, there is for example the scandal linked to Fraîch’Up pizzas from Buitoni, or that linked to Kinder chocolates last Easter. Some products, such as spices or ice cream, have also been the subject of major recalls. On Tuesday April 18, 2023, RappelConso published a new spice recall.

This is the 10cl 25g glass jar of Coriander from the Cigalou brand, marketed by ITM between December 14, 2022 and March 31, 2023. Thus, Intermarché or Netto brands from all over France are concerned. In our slideshow below, see the list of regions where the recall is in progress.

The product to be returned to the store bears the following reference:

This spice is recalled due to detection of the pesticide Chlorpyrifos exceeding regulations. People who have purchased this batch of coriander are invited to no longer consume or use the product. You can return it to the point of sale until Saturday, June 17, 2023 in order to obtain a refund.