in a Little more than 77,000 people are waiting for is currently on the social housing in one of the thirteen Flemish cities with regional services. Government POLICIES.A. warns that, if the letter of the Flemish informateur Bart De Wever, is that the big cities are no additional social housing units will be built. “This is at odds with the needs of the people,” said Flemish Parliament member, Maxim Veys (SP.(A).

No greater escape in a waiting list for social housing. In antwerp, the largest Flemish city, it stretches for the crown, with the 29.955 of people. All of the major cities together, and there 77.109, out of a total of about 154.000 over the whole of Flanders. Most of the people live in addition, on or close to the city, where they would come from. These lists eliminate the wooncrisis problems, it is certainly one of the big challenges of the next Flemish government.

it’s in SPANISH.A fear of how it will play out. In the introductory memorandum of the Flemish informateur Bart De Wever (N-VA) aims to generate a heavy renovation of the existing housing stock, but there is a subsidiestop, compared to the municipalities and their Social Binding, Objective’ has been achieved, a kind of a quota for social housing. If you already have sufficient housing, they are not of the money of Flanders, in order to be the last to be built.

“this measure affects all of the major cities in Flanders, says Flemish Mp, member of parliament, the Senlis Veys (SP.(A) that the figures are opvroeg by minister for Housing Liesbeth Homans (N-VA). “They don’t have any money to housing construction, while just because most of the people in the queue. A wide range of social housing is definitely needed, but with a slight imbalance to the towns and cities, it is inevitable. Larger cities offer more services, such as mobility, education or health care. It’s not always a good idea to do large projects, down to the legs < / I> ‘Bachten de Kupe’ , or in Zichen-Sisters-Boulder.”


in Addition, the parties agree to become bored in the same direction as that of the introductory memorandum of wishes. In Antwerp, for example, where the SP is.A, together with N-VA, the majority were to a depth of investment in social housing is one of the most liberal reward. That’s along the Flemish side, it would fall, it would be harm to the river Schelde and benefit.

the Homans themselves to keep up with all of the comments. “That passage comes from the introductory memorandum, the negotiations are in full progress. And that is, I want the utmost discretion to preserve it.” The working group on the Flemish negotiations which are located on the woondossiers curves, has had her work ready to go. However, the lips remain stiff in the other. “Please have a little patience.”
More about the N-VA is for sale, “the Old, musty state-owned company” … or what the N-VA would rather today than tomorrow, as the RAILWAY privatised public prosecutor in the appeal against the electronic surveillance of Melikan Kucam Freilich (N-VA) does is to sign to the jew of the Flemish sign language: “You are painted black, it does not like monkeys?” in the Preservation of nuclear energy in the Flemish table