Raclette, tartiflette, Savoyard fondue… The favorite season of all cheese fans has begun. However, it is common for recall procedures to spoil the party. Especially since they are relatively frequent for dairy products. It is therefore important to always keep an eye out for recalled products to be on the safe side.

Today, goat cheeses are recalled throughout France. Traces of the bacterium Escherichia coli, better known as E. coli, have been detected and should therefore not be consumed at the risk of being infected within a week.

Four Le Chevrier des Crays brand goat cheeses are being recalled:

Mini-Barattes: The trays of Mini-Barattes, dry goat cheese are affected by this recall procedure. They were on shelves from September 12 to September 20, 2022. Here are the bundles to bring back to the store:

Cabrifrais: This fresh raw milk goat cheese was on sale between September 12-20, 2022 and is affected by this recall. Here is the list of bundles to return to the store:

Satonnay: This fresh goat’s cheese with flowers was on shelves between September 12 and 20, 2022. Here is the list of batches affected by this recall:

Bouchons France: This tray of small fresh goat’s cheeses was on sale from September 12 to 30, 2022. Here is the list of lots affected by this recall:

These products were on sale throughout France in several major supermarket chains. Discover in our slideshow the list of stores affected by this recall procedure.