Now that your group is fit, it is the position of David, Okereke, a theme. The attacker has been at the Club at half-time having already six-match them to dry. With the competition of Openda and Diagne, it is possible that the coach Philippe Clement tonight in the Champions League against Galatasaray at the heart of someone else’s choosing.

Club Brugge 18/09 18:55 Of The Click here to see some of the features “of A fall? I find the story a little bit,” says Clement. “I saw good things from him in training. Strikers have periods where they score lower. David was only 21. He still needs to improve a space from teams such as Club, with five defenders on the sixteen-in.”

Diagne, the enigmatic attacker, who had to leave for Galatasaray, it will be a special match. “He’s very motivated for this game. I saw that on a training session. You must also have no more words to dirt to make it,” said Clement.

the society is Balanta may have to restart the preference on the Pocket, taking into account the physical strength of the Turks.

the Arbiter of authority, is Slavko Vincic (Slovenia). He did not previously have a match at the Club.

probable lineup: Mignolet, Agent, Mechele, Deli, Ricca, Former, Vanaken, Balanta, Ti, Openda, Okereke.