Media reports – Johnson-consultant, Cummings is considering the resignation of Dominic Cummings, the closest adviser to the British Prime Minister, has violated the curfew. Now he wants to join a media report according to which in the course of a year back.0 comment may, according to media reports in six months to withdraw: Dominic Cummings, adviser to the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.Keystone domminic Cummings had according to the government’s Covid-19.keystone-sda.chErst at the beginning of may, the renowned scientist Neil Ferguson had to give up from the Imperial College from his Post as a government adviser because he received during the lock downs to visit his girlfriend. REUTERS1 / 9

the closest Advisor to The British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, Dominic Cummings, is considering because of its violations of the output to a media blackout report, according to a resignation in the course of the year. Cummings could take his hat off in six months, reports “Daily Mail” on Thursday, citing familiar with the matter people. He should, however, go out first, probably with impunity.

The police said on Thursday, Cummings did well to be in breach of Corona rules, as he had visited with his wife and son, a castle in the vicinity of his parents ‘ house. You would take that’s why but no legal steps. It was a minor breach of the rules, because Cummings had complied with the spacing rules. A government spokesman said, so the case was closed.

Cummings was at the end of March with his to the Coronavirus diseased wife and his son in the car 400 miles through England to Durham to his family and had made the trip to the castle. This had triggered a fierce debate. Also deputies of the ruling Conservatives, called for a resignation Cummings.

In England, which is particularly affected by the Coronavirus, should be held to the epidemic as of Thursday, with increased testing and contact tracing under control.


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