as King Philippe will be Sunday afternoon, Sophie Wilmès (MR) as the new prime minister, in a private audience. As for the government, the current business situation, ” explains Wilmès not take an oath.

For 16 hours, the current Begrotingsminister Sophie Wilmès an audience with the king. He will have her during the course of that conversation, as prime minister and is responsible for the management of the ongoing business. As Wilmès the oath as prime minister of a new oath, in this case, it is not necessary.

those Who will still swear an oath to give David Clarinval MR. He has come to the government as the new minister of the Budget and of welfare, with responsibility for the National Lottery and the belgian Science policy. Clarinval gives up at 16: 30 faithful to the king and obedience to the Constitution and the laws of the Belgian people.


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