as A young American woman, told recently, a very emotional story on social media, after Chastity are a number of attractions for four years, the messages continued to be sent to the mobile phone of her deceased dad, she’s got been recently the answer. The sender is a man who has the cell phone number of the deceased, the boy’s father had taken, and his daughter was killed in a car accident.

Chastity Patterson, a 23-year-old woman in the Us state of Arkansas, and indeed, for the past four years, every day, delivering it to the mobile phone number of her dead father. Therein is told of the grief-stricken girl, to him, of how her day had been, so that they are connected to him could feel it.

However, on the fourth anniversary of the death of her father, she was given to my great surprise, suddenly, the answer. A man who self-identifies as ‘the Empire’ and let her know that her comments had years to serve. He wrote an emotional message on Chastity.

“good Day, darling, I’m not your father, but I have had over the past four years, all of your messages. I look forward to seeing each and every update. I lost my daughter in August of 2014 due to a car accident, and your comments have given me in life. If you send a message, I don’t know that it was a message from God,” said the man. “I’m so sorry that someone so close to you was lost, but I do have to drive through the years grow up. I have wanted to for years and years for something to return to, but I just wanted your heart to break. You are an extraordinary woman and I wanted my daughter to be the woman that you are. Thank you for the daily updates, and to remind me that there is a God, and that it wasn’t his fault, it is that it does not exist any more. He gave me you, my little angel. Anything will do, shine the light that God gave you. Take care of yourself, and I look forward to seeing your updates in the future.”

The Facebookpost, in which Chastity is the message in question is shared, it went viral and gathered in the meantime, more than 150,000 in like . “This is a sign that I am in my father, and now you can have a good rest”, she added.

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