A painting by the Italian painter Cimabue was a Sunday when an auction for a 24,18 million were sold. In a great stroke of luck for the seller, a little old French woman, who did not know how great was the value of the little work that’s been decades in the kitchen floor.

A wooden panel in less than 28,5 when was 20.3 centimeters, with “The mockery of Christ by the Italian painter Cimabue (1272-1302). The painting hung for decades on top of the stove in the kitchen of an old woman, who is in the area of the Northern French city of Compiegne to live.

The woman was not aware of the great value of the work, and they thought it would be a during the week-old religious icon, it was, until a few months ago, on the advice of an expert to bring it to the auction house to me. Since, the value of the painting in the early renaissance period of 4 to 6 million euros is estimated, however, at the Sunday auction at the auctioneer’s Actéon in the French municipality of Senlis, the price to be much higher. As to the identity of the buyer was not a good value for money.

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