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The Government has solved the passage by the Congress of Deputies in a barrage of decrees and laws with measures that, together, next to the above, complete an economic response of 50,000 million euros of budgetary impact. The Lower Chamber has validated the creation of a fund of 16,000 million euros to be divided among the autonomous communities, the new regulation for renewable energies, the decree to extend the FATE until September, and the new guarantees which also includes a fund of 10,000 million for the State to enter into strategic companies and a plan of aid for the purchase of cars, the plan Renove. These two last decrees, in addition, s e treated as projects of law so that the Courts may incorporate amendments.

In this way, the economic measures have managed to gather the parliamentary support. The decree-law to extend until the 31st of September incentives to ERTE, in fact, has not received any vote against it. is The PP has voted for all the bills except the renewable energy . Despite this, criticisms have arisen on issues such as the background of 16,000 million. The deputy of the PP, Elvira Rodriguez, has asked the Finance minister Maria Jesus Montero, who convene on an “urgent” the Council of Fiscal Policy and Finance r to so that the regions can go planning to the next year.

“Taking into account the enlargement of the FATE and of the provision for self-employed persons, the Fund Covid for the autonomous communities, the plans of the automotive industry and tourism, the program Educates on, the Digital Fund to Support the Solvency and the new guarantees of the ICO for investments, the budget impact assumed already reaches 5% of GDP in 2020 and measures of liquidity, equivalent to 15.3% of GDP”, has gone into the grandstand, the vice-president of economic, Nadia Calviño.

UP, Bildu, BNG and ERC, against the labor reform

In terms of the decree to extend the incentives to the FATE until the 31 of September, the parliamentary popular, Carolina Spain, claimed to last up to December or the beginning of 2021.

on The other side of the bed, the repeal of the labor reform has been a proclamation repeated by the deputies of United we Can, along with Bildu, BNG, or CKD. The deputy Can, Alberto Rodríguez, pointed out that the key is “ do not give even a step behind in the repeal of the labor reform” . A proclamation which he joined the parliamentarian of Bildu, Oskar Matute, pointing out that “there is that to fulfill what has been signed”.