Sophie Daumier: what does the grave of the actress and ex-wife of Guy Bedos look like?


Sophie Daumier and Guy Bedos formed one of the leading couples of the 1960s. The sublime actress had met with success thanks to the film Carambolage with Jean-Claude Brialy and Louis de Funès then with the musical film Dragées au pepper alongside Claude Brasseur . Already the mother of a boy named Philippe, who would later be recognized by Guy Bedos, she married the comedian on February 19, 1965. From their love story a daughter, Mélanie, was born in 1997, before divorcing a few months later. late.

On his ex-wife, Guy Bedos declared to Mireille Dumas in the documentary Guy Bedos in complete freedom: “Sophie, it was Madame without embarrassment, she did not care about any social hierarchy. […] A friend had invited us to dinner with Pompidou, then Prime Minister of De Gaulle. She called him George after a few minutes and it seemed to amuse him a lot”.

Unfortunately, over the years, Sophie Daumier has been overtaken by health concerns. Like her mother and her son Philippe, she suffered from Huntington’s disease. A rare genetic disease that causes irreversible neuronal degeneration. “I knew she had become unlivable. I found out afterwards that she had this Huntington’s disease which attacks both the body and the brain and I blamed myself. If I had known that she was sick at this point, I would not have left. […] She no longer recognized anyone and I recognized me, “said Guy Bedos. The actress died on New Year’s Eve 2003 at the age of 69.

His funeral was celebrated at the Saint-Roch church. Today, the actress rests in the Père-Lachaise cemetery between the graves of Marie Trintignant and Gilbert Bécaud. Find out in our slideshow.