The reality TV phenomenon emerged in the United States in the 1990s with shows like The Real World. These programs have evolved rapidly and now offer programs centered on a wide variety of themes. In addition to cooking, dating and adventure shows that have become essential on all platforms, real estate programs have managed to make their mark. L’Agence, a French reality TV series which began broadcasting on TMC and now on Netflix, has confirmed this underlying trend that began more than a decade ago.

As Les Échos points out in its article of Wednesday July 6, 2022 devoted to deciphering the phenomenon, “Reality TV shows devoted to the real estate market open up the possibility of a double emotional resonance on the part of viewers.”. The first can be done by identifying with the buyer and his questions. The second concerns the phenomenon of identification with real estate agents. In fact, they touch an essential stone of our life: our house, the hopes we place in it, the efforts we put into it and sometimes the unpleasant surprises that accompany real estate purchases.

These programs offer viewers the opportunity to discover luxury homes and apartments, and see the reactions of buyers when they visit them for the first time. The latter, like the L’Agence family, (reality TV following a family of 6 real estate agents in a luxury real estate agency in Boulogne-Billancourt) have been very successful with viewers. Real estate reality TV shows allow viewers to discover exotic locations and dream of a luxurious life. Their success is logical, because these programs offer viewers an immediate experience and the opportunity to discover live places that have not yet been affected by the crisis.

Netflix’s flagship reality show Selling Sunset has not said its last word. It is one of the most watched reality shows in the world on the Netflix platform. A program where we follow a team of exclusively female real estate agents, selling luxury goods in Los Angeles. The show has been renewed for a season 6 and 7. In short, real estate reality shows continue to fascinate viewers.