Soon, the halls will open again And it’s back on: the magic of The KinosNur in the red plush you can indulge yourself in a movie is just that: no distractions and people around, are also taken.MeinungTim Wirth2 Kommentare2Die viewers can escape in the cinema, the Film only when you leave the room.Photo: Keystone

There are in the cinema this massive Moment of silence. As the credits roll, for a long time, but the spectators remain seated audience, often for minutes, transfixed by the emotions of the film. Mr Pascal Blum has agreed to the visit to the cinema yesterday in this newspaper, the magic – wrong. Even the most sophisticated Home Cinema combined with the most comprehensive Streaming platform can’t, what’s the right movie theater can. Lucky to see this Saturday, finally movies on the big screens are.

at Home, the hardship begins with the selection of films On Streaming platforms like Netflix you lose like an endless Buffet. Each dish looks tempting and tastes not really. If one has decided for a movie, shoveling it in. He is casually. Boring Scenes? Fast-forward. On Whatsapp chat. Or falling asleep.

In the best case, cinema is a place of collective Overpowering, where you share the emotions with the other.

it was otherwise in good cinema: The program is curated minimalist. The decision as to whether and what movie you watch, you are very aware – 19.30, room 3, E/d/f. The space distraction free. It is silent. It is dark. And everyone is ashamed, when he pulls out his Smartphone. “Who goes to the cinema is lost for the world,” wrote author Willi Winkler, filled with his cinema-enthusiasm for a whole book. What took care of the outside of the Moviegoer, the usual Handel, when he pass away inside from the pain.

In a soft armchair viewers will have to stay also in the case of severe substances any longer on it. You can escape from the Film only, if you leave the room – a much larger step, is to press on Apple TV a couple of buttons. In the cinema, people are condemned to Immersion: the condition to be touched, really.

The cinema is also an important social place. It is the counterpart to the stadium, the concert hall and the little theatre: In the best case, it is a place of collective Overpowering, where you share the emotions with the other. To be taken home alone in front of the Laptop, is a self-related Moment. To experience this feeling in a full room, on the other hand is a social act.

With every cinema gear, the inner Film continues.

“Inception” and “Dunkirk”-Director Christopher Nolan has recently written an Essay in the “Washington Post” (to find here, but behind a paywall). If the Corona-crisis is over, will the desire to live together, to love, to laugh and to cry, be stronger than ever. This is exactly the cinema.

And although the cinema also means stupid promotional spots endure and to dip Nachos in doubtful Salsa Sauce, stands out of the subsequent Film of it. At the end of all of the thoughts out that while a good 90 minutes of pent-up break, and lead to a excited discussion with friends: Why the hell the heroine is so headstrong? The end is not completely out of touch with reality? Do you understand this?

cinema experiences are sometimes magical. The Coming-of-Age story, for the man invested three times in just under 20 Swiss francs, just to see the pictures again on the big screen or listen to the music from the loud speakers. The first Time the Hand of the flock to keep. And from a Drama be so taken, that a tear runs down into the popcorn bag.

With any cinema gear, the inner Film continues to be so. New pictures, melodies and scenes are added.

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