Joe Biden launches election campaign – Out of the KellerEr Donald Trump wants to defeat in the presidential election. But in Public, Biden has hitherto been hardly in appearance. Now he is fighting to be re-perceived.Christian Zaschke, New York0 comment Eder democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said in the Bethel AME Church in Wilmington in the US state of Delaware: “There’s a lot that can change. There is a lot that can be done.”Photo: Jim Bourg/Reuters

A message that would have gone into the turbulent days in the USA almost: Joe Biden has to leave his basement. The most probable presidential candidate of the Democrats, held on Tuesday a speech in Philadelphia in which he addressed the Chaos in the country. America fights for its soul, Biden said. It was a quiet speech in which it Biden was all about, his compassion, and his pain about the death of George Floyd expressing, had been killed in the past week by a police officer.

The appearance was also important because Biden has happened since the beginning of the Corona-crisis in the public discourse as well as even. If he was, then, on the video recordings in the basement of his house in Delaware, where his Team set up a temporary TV Studio has. For the first time in weeks, Biden has left the state of Delaware now. This can be read as a programmatic decision: Five months before the election in November, has started his campaign.

Biden as an anti-thesis to Trump

on Sunday afternoon, Biden had been shown outside of his house and with the demonstrators talked. On Monday, he visited a nearby Church and met leading members of the black community. In addition, he has held on Monday a video conference with several mayors, including those of Atlanta, Minneapolis and Los Angeles. He was trying recognizable to present himself as a man who listens, so as the opposite of Donald Trump to represent.

As a Trump on Monday in his interview with the governors of Jay Pritzker, the democratic representative from Illinois, for his harsh choice of words was criticized, back, snapped the President immediately: “I don’t think of your word choice a lot.” To want exactly this latent aggressiveness Biden’s Team to produce a contrast.

to avoid Better training to police violence

Keisha Lance Bottoms, the mayor of Atlanta, told the magazine Politico: “Donald Trump has made our country and our democracy a mockery of the image. When I look at Joe Biden, then I see that he is the antithesis to everything that Donald Trump represents every single day.” Biden was able to feel the pain of the death of George Floyd and to share and to also see that the reasons for the protests in the country are multi-faceted.

In his Meeting with black members of the community on Monday, Biden said: “There is a lot that can change. There is a lot that can be done.” He noted, for example, in a view to create during the first 100 days of his presidency a kind of Supervisory body for the police. It is about police officers different form in the future to prevent police violence.

It is expected that Biden in the coming days and weeks, occurs significantly more in appearance than in the past. First of all, the performances should be limited to his immediate surroundings. Gradually, he is scheduled to meet again in the Rest of the country to the people. It is important, as it is called in his Team that he shakes off the image of the man who day in and day out squatting in his basement, while the country is in its biggest crisis in decades.

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