SNCF: how to go about traveling with your pet?


Our hairballs also have the right to travel. When traveling by train, many French people have already been confronted with this difficult question. Until June 2022, bringing your pet with you was a real headache. If the little beast weighed less than 6 kg and fit in a basket, the ticket price was 7 euros.

On the other hand, it became much more complicated when the animal was heavier because the price of the ticket then amounted to 50% of the full price of a second class ticket. This could quickly become very expensive and was thus particularly restrictive for dog or cat owners who wanted to take the train.

For example, as reported by Capital, users regularly complained about this on Twitter. “One day, we will be able to consider a discount card for dogs on your trains? Because 88€ for an AR Paris / Avignon is starting to hit a little”, testified thus a user of the social network.

But now the rules have changed and pet owners can save a lot of money. Indeed, on TGV Inoui, Intercités and TER trains, the price is now 7 euros for all four-legged friends, regardless of their weight. Regarding the Ouigo, the price is slightly higher but still remains accessible since it amounts to 10 euros.

The SNCF also reminds that dogs must be muzzled for the entire journey if they are not traveling in a bag or in a basket. As far as coaches are concerned, the only animals allowed are guide dogs or assistance dogs, for which all trips are obviously free.