Corona-crisis debunked Trump as a risk


President of the 100’000 dead – Corona-crisis debunked Trump as a Risk, the Corona disaster has made an election victory in November unlikely: Donald Trump presents himself as a ruthless dilettante and a Dreamer.Martin Kilian, Washington1 Kommentar1Die Corona-crisis has thrown a spotlight on the inability of the President and his closest advisors. Photo: Alex Brandon/Keystone

Donald Trumps of scarce and unexpected victory in 2016, a number of factors to thank. This includes both the political unattractiveness of Hillary Clinton, as well as the resentment of those left behind by globalization included. In addition, hatred, and played on the self-reproduction of the end of meritocracy to the US coastal regions just as much a role as “white ethnic chauvinism”. So George W. Bush described the former Ghostwriter David Frum Donald Trumps ideological appeal.

Trumps electoral victory, was also in Europe, eagerly applauded by Fans, the “white ethnic nationalism” is quite something, and before the rise of Silvio Berlusconi in Italy, had applauded. In the purchase of Trumps were taken bizarre lies, his frontal attacks on democratic norms and institutions, as well as his penchant for autocrats, dictators and Caudillos of all shades.

Also in the purchase of the Trump Fans took the mental indisposition of the President and his lack of empathy. Trumps incompetence, the sometimes Slapstick character, was to them almost as a badge of honor. Because you difference comfortable of Barack Obama’s supposedly unamerikanischem Habitus of a cool Intellectual.

Policy support

electorate was with. The good state of the economy and Trumps gifts to evangelicals, and to all of its white chauvinist and base in Republican bastions in the southern U.S. and the Midwest helped the President in the opinion polls, although never to a popularity rate of 50 percent. But they kept him on a Plateau between 40 and 45 per cent, and a further increase up to the day of the election seemed plausible.

Now, as the number of American dead in the Wake of the Corona epidemic reached the sad milestone of 100’000, is the paint: Worried Trumps consultants will analyse internal polls that show an Erosion in its political support for the white seniors, and even Evangelicals – not much, but enough to provide a victory for the President in November in question.

Surprisingly, this disillusionment is not: The Corona-crisis has thrown a spotlight on the inability of the President and his closest advisers, about his son-in-law Jared Kushner. And she has proved that Trump the simplest of property, plant and understood relationships. His attention span is exhausted in a few minutes, not even Briefings in the Form of colorful graphs assets to captivate him.

As Katie Miller, the press Secretary of Vice-President Mike Pence, a positive effect on the Coronavirus was tested, said the President live on television, Miller had made “a long time, very good Tests, but all at once she was positive, just like that, out of the blue”. Therefore, as Trump continued, “the whole concept of these Tests is not necessarily true, the Tests are not perfect, but something can happen between a Test, if he is first good, and then something happens, and suddenly – she was recently tested and was negative.”

any other people would have claimed that he was drunk, “as he said this,” commented the journalist Andrew Sullivan the word salad of the President. Trumps Bullshit, and the dilettantism of his Administration but could yet move loyal followers Trumps, to give him in the autumn of the barrel pass. The Deal they completed in November 2016, with him suddenly seems lousy, even dangerous.

prospect of victory is then,

It is one thing American elites from the voting booth shout a loud “Fuck you”. Less fun it is on the other hand, during an existence of the crisis in Donald trump’s fantasy world, threatening life, where hydroxychloroquine heals and Covid-is defeated 19 by the injection of bleach and sunlight. In this fairy tale landscape, the vaccine is only around the corner and 2021, a Mega-Giga-super year is will push the the Dow Jones in dizzying height.

The prospect of a great victory that the President dreamed of in January, is certainly there. A success in the autumn is likely to conceivable be scarce, won by stabbing and irregularities, or as early as 2016, thanks to the electoral College.

it is more Likely that Donald Trump will be in the night from the third to the fourth day of November in 2020 as a loser. Because the Corona-crisis has exposed the President as a risk, that is, a majority of Americans, maybe – unless, of course, Joe Biden and the democratic party turned out to be political hacks who gave away a victory that is close at hand.

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