A new cooking show for M6. A few weeks after the final of the fourteenth season of Top Chef won by Hugo Riboulet, the channel is launching this Tuesday, June 27 Snack Masters: will they find the recipe? A program led by Stéphane Rotenberg which combines gastronomy and fast food.

As revealed by the Puremedias site last April, the host and owner of a bistro in the Paris region has inherited the keys to this unique format which should appeal to gourmet viewers. The principle of the show: challenge two star chefs to reproduce everyday foods identically. From the burger to the pizza or even the chocolate bar and the ice cream… These products bought in stores or at the restaurant will have to be composed by these great gastronomes in five days, before being evaluated by a jury of experts from the mass distribution.

Before airing for the first time this summer on M6, the show comes from the Snackmasters format born in Britain in 2019. Airing on Chanel 4 for three seasons, the program is hosted by Fred Sireix, a butler French established across the Channel, accompanied by the English star Jayde Adams. A recipe that has also won over other countries around the world.

As in Belgium where the show was presented by Belgian host Sandrine Corman and Loïc Van Impe. The show has also been exported to Oceania (Australia and New Zealand). And more recently in Finland in 2023.

For its first broadcast on M6, the program Snack Masters called on two starred figures of French gastronomy. Indeed, chefs Thierry Marx and Yoann Conte face off in a duel to recreate the Big Mac, the flagship fast food recipe popularized by McDonald’s. A mission that does not look so simple for the two adversaries.

In a second issue to be discovered soon, chefs Juan Arbelaez and Emmanuel Renaut will take up another challenge: to reproduce the recipe for Italian Cornetto ice cream. A frozen delicacy that should invade the beaches all summer. To find out how all these products are made, M6 called on a former winner of the Top Chef competition.

To accompany Stéphane Rotenberg at the presentation of Snack Masters on M6, Camille Delacroix was chosen for co-hosting. The former winner of the ninth season of Top Chef will have a very specific mission: to dive “in the factories of major brands to try to make viewers discover the secrets of how these snacks are made”, indicated Puremedias last April.

The opportunity for the chef and owner of the Bacôve restaurant (in Saint-Omer) to unlock the mysteries of your favorite products. As part of the program, he had the privilege of entering the factories of the McDonald’s group to see how hamburgers are made. In the second part, he traveled to Naples in Italy where the Cornetto premises are located. Will the sauce take with the public on M6? Future issues will soon be released during the year.