Nearly 8 out of 10 French people. This is the share represented by consumers who draw up a shopping list before they come to the store, according to a study by the Ipsos barometer published in October 2021. However, “only 15% stick to it strictly ” during their purchases between the shelves of a small or large surface.

Convenience stores, supermarkets, hypermarkets… Millions of French people walk around every day with their list (or cell phone) close at hand to do their shopping. If this domestic task is child’s play for some customers, it is also a real headache for others. Especially when it comes to getting organized to optimize your time and not forgetting anything before going to checkout.

In the current context marked by inflation, the fight against waste and obesity, not to mention climate issues, it is never too late to consume better by saving every euro. Some French people have even found solutions to help those who want to put their daily life in order.

Sixtine Thomas-Richard, mother and entrepreneur, shares her advice on her blog Ma petite organisation. “There are everyday things that come up all the time, that you don’t necessarily want to do,” says the author to Planet. “Thanks to my practical mind, I found little tricks to quickly get rid of it and spend more time on the things I love”.

Manage purchases according to your needs, prepare menus… Here are other practical tips for easily drawing up your shopping list. Focus in pictures in our slideshow.