On the day of the mental health, television and radio host, Bart Schols in the Radio 1 openly talks about the mental issues that made him in december of that screen is gone. “I was overwhelmed with fear,” he said. “Something like that, I had never experienced before.”

In november of 2018, it was announced that the Phara de Aguirre, in January and February, with the presentation of the arrangement would be over. Hard-presenter Bart Schols had a little rest, she said. Eventually, he disappeared in the beginning of december, all of the screen, with no real explanation. At the end of August, he told me to morning of all that he is, mentally, very, very, very deep, was at the same time and therefore nothing was.

on Thursday, the day of their mental health, he went into more detail on those issues, on the Radio 1 . “I was overwhelmed with fear,” said Schols of < / I> of The world, of Adam, . “I have had mental health problems, but until then, I had the capacity in order to continue to operate. Then all of a sudden, done. I had never experienced before.”


during this difficult period and was able to Schols to rely on a variety of friends, which he had. “It’s a special dimension to the friendship. The people who are, effectively, saying, to you, then you have a choice, you’re making that you’re here, and I won’t let you go until it’s a little bit of go . Will I always be thankful for that. You’ll have to do it, you know. Had a family and someone to get that severe it is, take care of it. I’ve got more to cry than to be in my a lot of for yourself. It made me so touched.”

the Schols came across the challenges by raising the bar a little lower, to put. “The greatest liberation of my life is not perfect like you.”