Rock drenched in the nostalgia of the golden years of Mötley Crüe, Poison and Kiss: that’s the recipe for this Montreal band. And all in French. Unpretentious rock with a kitsch side so assumed that we can only love. The piece Montagne bleue can be listened to in the car, the windows rolled down, the sunglasses on the tip of the nose and the hair in a soft cut (Longueuil cut) flying in the wind. Jerky electric guitar, drums in the foreground, two small flights of synthesized notes… and this voice – which becomes robotic in the style of Normand Brathwaite on Tears of Metal… what a beautiful flash! – which launches: “700,000 trucks that burn diesel, to transport all our little baubles, generations without a destination”. Yes, you can be a Tommy Lee rock fan and be aware of the current environmental distress. A success.

Since April, Charlotte Cardin has been gradually revealing what her second album, which is scheduled for release on August 25, will look like. After the Looping excerpts and the English and French versions of Confetti, it’s the turn of the title track of this new opus, 99 Nights, to land on streaming platforms. Resolutely nostalgic, this song with its bewitching chorus and its synthesizer notes will have the effect of a balm on the hearts of lovers whose relationship is wavering. A comforting piece that we will want to listen to again and again while waiting for the full album at the end of the summer.

Spanish star Rosalía taps into reggaeton on her latest track, Tuya, a carnal song meant to turn up the heat on the eve of summer. Pursuing further her sound explorations sometimes tinged with flamenco heard on her album Motomami, here she poses her high-pitched voice on a clubbed rhythm and also a melody shelled on the koto, a traditional Japanese plucked string instrument associated with kabuki and bunraku. His song is accompanied by a clip shot elsewhere in Japan.